Simultaneous data transfer on ATM network

Paper: 276
Session: D (poster)
Presenter: Togawa, Hiroaki, Osaka University, Osaka
Keywords: ATM, event building, networking, network performance, switches (eg ATM

Simultaneous data transfer on ATM network

H.Togawa, Y.Sugaya and M.Nomachi

Research Center for Nuclear Physics
Osaka University, Japan


An event builder using a commercially available ATM switch is
now considered at many laboratories in the world. We will have been
test the feasibility and performance of the ATM based event builder
using our computer and network system which will be installed
in middle of December 1996. The system consists of four ATM
switches ( DEC GIGAswitch/ATM ), 20 workstations ( Alpha Station 500 )
and 6 server machines ( two Alpha Server 8400 and four Alpha Server
4100 ). Four ATM switches are connected by 622 Mbps lines. Workstations
and servers are connected by 156 Mbps lines. We plan that the 20
workstations generate emulated data and send them simultaneously to
the one or more server machines. This result will be presented at the
conference. In the next step, 622 Mbps interface card will be installed
in Alpha Server 8400. We will be able to test how ATM switches work
when many 156 Mbps traffic flow into the 622 Mbps line. In next summer
another approach using the MEMORY CHANNEL will be also tested.