RD45 Status Report

Paper: 135
Session: C (talk)
Speaker: Shiers, Jamie, CERN, Geneva
Keywords: ?

RD45 Status Report

The RD45 project at CERN is investigating solutions to the problems
of LHC era data management and object persistency in particular.
During the first year of the project, a number of possible solutions
were investigating, including home-grown and standards-conforming
commercial products. During its second year, RD45 has focussed on
ODMG-93 compliant ODBMS products, and Objectivity/DB in particular.
We present an overview of the project, the current status and
future directions. Work on the project milestones, listed below,
will be discussed in detail.

- Identify and analyse the impact of using an ODBMS for event data on the Object Model,
the physical organisation of the data, coding guidelines and the use of third party
class libraries

- Investigate and report on ways that Objectivity/DB features for replication,
schema evolution and object versions can be used to solve data management problems
typical of the HEP environment

- Make an evaluation of the effectiveness of an ODBMS and MSS as the query and access
method for physics analysis. The evaluation should include performance comparisons
with PAW and Ntuples