A creation of compact distributed data acquisition systems

Paper: 427
Session: B (poster)
Presenter: Smirnov, Vitalij, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna
Keywords: parallelization, communication, data acquisition systems, special architectures

A creation of compact distributed data acquisition systems.

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, 141980, Russia


For experimental researches on the world's first superconducting accelerator for
relativistic nuclei Nuclotron alongside with such installation as the SPHERE spectrometer
some rather small installations, numbering not more than 200 - 300 channels of registration
are created. For organization of the data acquisition systems of these installations in
majority of cases CAMAC modules are used. This circumstance allowes to use a lot of modules
from stack of Laboratory and to decrease a price of systems. CAMAC crates are located near
detectors and CAMAC crate controllers with embedded processor are used. A local network
Ethernet combines all controllers and allows to load the programs and to transfer the data.
Each of controllers works in parallel and carries out independent function of data
acqiusition for some group of detectors and passes the data to the control workstation.