Demonstration of Nile

Paper: 359
Session: B (poster)
Presenter: Ogg, Michael, University of Texas, Austin
Keywords: CORBA, object-oriented methods, parallelization, GUI's, large systems

Title: Demonstration of Nile

Authors: Michael Ogg, Fabio Previato, and Aleta Ricciardi

Affiliation: University of Texas at Austin

Collaboration: Nile/CLEO

In this poster session, we will demonstrate Nile running on a small network
of PCs. Nile manages distributed computing resources, making an arbitrarily
large array of commodity computers appear to the user as a seamless
uniprocessor environment. The demonstration will have all elements of Nile,
from client GUI, to replicated Site objects, to multiple JobProcessors.

As well as the demonstration, we will also give more in-depth coverage on
such issues as: object interfaces, object design, and replicated objects.