Simulation of the Fermilab D0 Level-3 Data Acquisition and Trigger System

Paper: 307
Session: B (poster)
Presenter: Watts, Gordon, Brown University, Providence
Keywords: parallelization, PC operating systems, data acquisition systems, simulation, simulation tools

Simulation of the Fermilab D0 Level-3 Data Acquisition and Trigger

Dave Cutts, Jan Hoftun and Gordon Watts
Brown University, Providence RI 02912, USA


Ray Zeller
ZRL, Bristol RI 02809, USA

for the D0 Collaboration

The proposed upgrade to the D0 detector's data acquisition system
high level trigger has been simulated using the commercial
language, MODSIM. This paper contains a brief description of the
simulated data acquisition system. The simulation program is
in detail, including its object oriented design and other features
which make it simple to simulate a range of configurations. Results
from the simulation feedback into the hardware design. The
is sufficiently detailed so that we can examine failure modes and
realtime recovery algorithms. Results are shown for various likely
senarios (event size, trigger rate, etc.). The data acquisition
system is highly
scaleable. The minimal version was shown to work well at a rate of
1300 Hz with 250 KByte events. The simulation is a continuing
as the design is refined, the simulation is changed to match and as
hardware appears, the simulation is updated. We report on the
of the project and the utility of these simulations.