CMS Online Event Filter

Paper: 299
Session: B (talk)
Speaker: Kruse, Andres, CERN, Geneva
Keywords: C++, CASE, class libraries, data acquisition systems, event building

CMS Online Event Filter

CMS Collaboration

to be presented by

A. Kruse


The CMS trigger system consists of a two stage system:
A highly parallel and fully pipelined first level trigger system
and a large farm of processors that performs the CMS online event
filtering and event building.

The presented paper gives an overview of the current status
of the development of the event filtering farm software.

Both hardware and software are currently being designed
and prototypes are used to test and evaluate technologies.
Emphasis is put on scalability and flexibility of the design.

Software development is done using an object oriented
software engineering method supported by an OO A&D tool.
Commercial as well as freely available class libraries
are used to build functional prototypes.
The software prototyping work is concentrated on studying
the main functions of the filtering farm.
We present an architectural model for the CMS online event
filter farm software and show design considerations and decisions
as well as results from prototype studies.