The DELTA Data Acquisition System

Paper: 188
Session: B (poster)
Presenter: Anisimov, Iouri, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna
Keywords: PC operating systems, control systems, data acquisition systems, event building, trigger systems

The DELTA Data Acquisition System.

Yu.Anisimov, S.V.Borodin, V.A.Krasnov
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
141980 Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia


An enhanced version of the data acquisition system for
DELTA experiment, containing CAMAC branch, FASTBUS QDC
and TDC from LeCroy and several VME processors from CES,
based on MC68040 family, running under OS-9 real-time
operating system is being development at present. The
major features of this multiprocessors system are
parallel read out inconjunction with data reduction and
subevent buffering. The OS-9 disk based workstation with
dual processor architecture increases global perfomanse
of the system. While one processor assembles the complete
event, the second one could examine software trigger
conditions (the third level of triggering). After this
preprocessing the event buffers will be transferred to a
UNIX workstation via Ethernet for the data analysis and
experemental control.