Beta: a high level toolkit for BaBar physics analysis

Paper: 370
Session: A (talk)
Speaker: Jacobsen, Bob, Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL), Berkeley
Keywords: analysis, C++, class libraries, object-oriented methods

Beta: a high level toolkit for BaBar physics analysis
Bob Jacobsen
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
BaBar Collaboration


The BaBar experiment at SLAC is attempting to build
object-oriented reconstruction software. To use the
full power of the resulting C++ objects during physics
analysis, a high level toolkit is needed. The Beta
package from BaBar provides a "physicist-compatible"
level of abstraction for using reconstructed
information to do four-vector analysis, vertexing,
particle identification, etc. Although extensible
by sophisticated users, it is primarily intended to
provide an accessible analysis environment for those
new to C++. This talk will address questions of
human interface, particularly the abstractions that
we have found well and poorly matched to how analysis
is actually done, and questions of implementation